Nokia Racer:
Nokia Racer is a show case for the new Nokia mobile and all the features it have.
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The Water Game:
As part of the water awareness UNESCO campaign came the water game. The goal of this Facebook game is to educate the youth on how to preserve water.

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Energizer Surfers:
Energizer Surfers shows the real power of Energizer batteries and the power they give your electronics.

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Pepsi In The Mix:
In the spirit of UEFA Euro 2012 Pepsi In The Mix was made. Over the course of summer 2012 it was played in a sequence of events in different major places in Egypt such as (City Stars mall, Al-Ahly Club, Mall of Arabia, North Coast Porto Marina).
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Pepsi 1
Mirinda was a Facebook and Ipad game for a competition and real life event in City Stars mall.
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Mirinda 1
“Educative Fun” is an interactive game (targeting kids between the ages of 4 and 8) that relies on Microsoft Kinect technology; which is a groundbreaking technology that uses a sensor that captures body movement and mirrors it in movements on the screen. “Educative Fun” is a suite of 6 mini games teaching time, counting, the alphabet, and simple math and more.
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Yummy Yummy:
Our first experiment in releasing a game to the market. Yummy Yummy is a windows phone simple game.

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