Games Bond is a group of alienated creatures, who struggle to convey their thoughts and imagination through interactive, mind stimulating, adrenaline pumping games.


We Are: 
Alaa (Game Developer and Designer)
Clinging to a dream is never an easy thing, so i always knew that i have to work as hard as i can for mine. Ever since the first game i played, i wanted to make games that people would have the same response i had when i played games “How The Hell Did They Do This? What Were They Thinking”.


Ahmed (Game Developer and Designer)
It’s crazy how you can turn your imagination, into virtual world, bits and pieces come together to create something that make people think, react, obsess and trigger different emotions, creating games is as great as it sounds.


Hoda (Concept Artist  and Graphic Designer)
I am a stranger in this world staying for a limited time and i will soon depart and i am going to tell you a secret !! I have a superpower that enables me to express my imagination, thoughts & emotions through lines, shapes and colours. I hope I could use this power to make the lives of people much easier through feeding their souls … I am a stranger in this world staying for a limited time and I will soon depart.